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How to order

Choose the day(s) and meal option 1 or 2 when placing your order from the menu. Alternative options and desserts are listed below. 

Monthly menu | $14.00 each

SAVE $30 when you order a 10 meal pack for $110. Menu options can be found here.

Option 1
Option 2
Mondaysalmon pattiessweet / sour pork
Tuesdaysilversidehoney chicken
Wednesdaymeat pie irish stew
Thursdayroast chicken itailian meat balls
FridayGrilled fishchow mien
15/06/2020 Option 1Option 2
Mondaysheppard pie spaghetti bologense
Tuesdaysilversidebeef casserole
Wednesdaypastitsio meat balls
Thursdayroast pork chicken / leek pie
FridayGrilled fishlemon chicken
22/06/2020Option 1Option 2
Mondaylasanga Silverside
Tuesdaydevilled sausages Chicken parma
Wednesdaymeat loaf pasties
ThursdayRoast pork cobbler pie
FridayGrilled fishSilverside
29/06/2020Option 1Option 2
MondaySilversidechicken schnitzel
Tuesdaybangers mash salmon patties
Wednesdayroast pork egg/bacon lorrine
Thursdaychicken kiev tuna bake
FridayGrilled fishcampase chicken

Desserts | $6.00 each

Sticky date puddingPavlova
Chocolate puddingBlueberry tart
Apple rhubarbLemon self-saucing pudding
Bread & butter puddingRice pudding

Alternative meal options

Egg & bacon quicheVegetable pasties
Sausage rollsRoast lamb with veg
Chicken schnitzel with vegRoast pork with veg
Cold meat with saladGrilled fish with salad or veg
Salmon pattiesSausages
Meat pie

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How to order